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rs until the dragon god


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June 11, 2019



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rs until the dragon god returned to the temple. Finally, I returned to the riverside, and dropped the small paper boat and the boat duck into the river to follow the wave, in order to take away the evil. Geely left the Dragon Boat Festival in addition to the dragon boat, but also inserted wormwood, folk song: Liu, the Dragon Boat Festival is inserted because the Dragon Boat Festival is in midsummer. It is the summer when the infectious disease begins to rise. Hanging the Artemisia argyi and the calamus on the house, using its volatile aromatic smell to clean the air, drive away the mosquitoes and flies, and drive away the evil spirits. In order to achieve disease prevention purposes. Artemisia argyi has a strong role in the detoxification of the Dragon Boat Festival, and there is a small story. The Dragon Boat Festival is a festival to commemorate Qu Yuan. When the Tang Huang towel uprising, Huang Chaoyi attacked the Central Plains area, which was worth the Dragon Boat Festival. The local officials then released the sound of the wind: “The yellow nest is separated by a mountain knife, and the head is landing!” The mobilization of the people to flee their homes is to “take the yellow nest.” In fact, the Yijun army could not be in contact with the people Marlboro Red, so that the army would continue to expand. In a household in the Central Plains, men are out. There is only one woman and two children in the family. One child is a biological child, and one child is the orphan of her nephew. The child of her own child was able to walk, and her nephew was so old that her own child was one year old. The woman took two children to escape, carrying the orphans of her nephew, but let the children who just walked can walk, but they fell behind. Not far away, I met a yellow man and asked: “Why don’t you let the big children walk Newport Cigarettes, and let the little children walk?” The woman told the truth, the Huang Yi people were very moved after listening, saying: “You are in danger. The loyalty of the middle line has broken the knife of the Yellow Nest. Huang Chao has been unable to take your head. In fact, you only need to insert wormwood at your door, indicating that your home is a home of loyalty, and Huang Chao will help you.” . The woman thought that it was the immortal pointing, so she went home and said it, and the people who fled along the way could insert the wormwood to break the yellow nest knife. Therefore, women are usually kind and do good deeds. Many people believe that it is not necessary to “walk the yellow nest” at the door of the house, and to go through the Dragon Boat Festival at home. Sure enough, the Rebels crossed the border and saw the people who had inserted wormwood at home. No one was bothered. The doctors accompanying the army also treated the people and asked for hardships. At one time, the woman��s guidance to the immortal was spread around the country. The home of the civilians no longer ��walked the yellow nest��, and they plucked the wormwood to the Dragon Boat Festival and acted on the loyalty of the woman Newport 100S. In fact, Huang Yiren is a striker of Huang Chaoyijun, and Wu Yi Gao Qiang. Wherever the Rebels went, they were all unmanned villages, and the Rebels were unsupported and became lonely. The counselor knew that there was a flaw, turned into a plainclothes, and looked for the cause alone. It was a woman. Suddenly disappeared, just jumped on the big tree and hid it. The adviser made a small plan, not only broke the official residence: “Huang’s nest is separated by a mountain knife, and the head of the man is landing!” The rumor, for the righteous army to gain popular support, and to make the people accumulate good deeds, the world has inherited this tradition and became today’s Dragon Boat Festival. The wormwood and wormwood have similar functions. According to the medical literature, “Huanghuang” is also known as Shihuang, Xiongjing, Kaoru, and Golden Stone. It is produced in Hunan, Gansu, Yunnan, Sichuan, etc.; Warm, slightly pungent, poisonous, both external and internal. Among them, the most special is that although the realgar can make wine, but from the realgar wine, there is also a background: after Qu Yuan is said to have been cast into the river, the people in order to avoid the body of Qu Yuan When the fish dragons in the river were injured, they sent the scorpions and salted eggs to the river to feed the fish dragons. An old doctor brought a jar of realgar wine to the river and said that he had to stun the fish dragon. After a while, the water surface really floated a halo dragon. The dragon must also have a piece of clothing on it. People took the dragon ashore Marlboro Cigarettes, peeled off the skin, smoked the tendons, and relieved the hatred of the heart. Then wrapped the dragons around the children’s wrists and neck, and used the realgar to learn Proof? No It doesn’t matter Cheap Cigarettes, I will tell you. The origin of the scorpion has been for a long time. In the book “Speaking Words” by Xu Shen in the Han Dynasty, there is a record of “Xunzi”, which is a kind of food wrapped in rice with reed leaves. In ancient times, the scorpion was called the horned owl. After the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the scorpion was mostly wrapped with glutinous rice. At this time, it was not called scorpion scorpion, but it was called scorpion. Because of the different regions, there were great differences from materials to eucalyptus leaves, even The shape of the wrap is also very different. For example, in the early days, people prevailed in the horns of the horns. Therefore, the scorpions in the Han and Jin Dynasties were made into angles, and they were used as one of the ancestral objects. In addition, there are generally regular triangles, regular squares, There are various shapes such as sharp triangles, squares, and long shapes. The taste of the dumplings varies acco
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