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What childhood is, the joy and laughter we l


8:36 pm
September 17, 2018



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What childhood is, the joy and laughter we left in our youth Carton Of Newports, is our good memories Marlboro Cigarettes Online. But as time goes by, our childhood is gone forever.have a very happy thing in my childhood. was this year’s Children’s Day, and it was the last Children’s Day we had. In the morning of this day, we were immersed in happiness, where we watched the performance seriously, and some students scolded us. When we didn’t pay attention, we sprayed the ribbons at our head. We didn’t bother to show off them. We chased the fights on the playground. We sprayed all of us with ribbons. I am very happy and very happy. We are tired of in the classroom, the teacher told us to eat at noon. The teacher said, ��Everyone is going to finish lunch, and we will continue to celebrate the festival after eating. ����The students agreed: ��Great! Yay! ��ter lunch, our teacher took me to the playground and told us to have a good time on the playground. Then we went to the school to play. We jumped up happily. Everyone played enough on the playground. We went to play, the teacher said: “Well, let’s go.” We came to the school gate and waited for the teacher to take us out. We went out, the teacher took us to Sansui Park, the teacher said: “When everyone is here to play, wait for you to go and call everyone.” Everyone replied: “Good” everyone is very happy to play in the park, just in At this time, the teacher told us to go Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. We found that the teacher had a few more cakes in the hands of the teacher. The teacher asked the students to come and take them. After the students took one Cigarettes Online, they ate on the side. After eating, they all said the same thing. Words: “Thank you teacher.” The teacher said, “Where do you want to go where to play?” Everyone thought about it; “Go to Dongpo Lake Park to play.” The teacher said, “Well, let’s move forward to Dongpo Lake Park.” Everyone is very happy to play in Dongpo Lake Park Marlboro Red.hen everyone returned to school, they began to leave school. The teacher said, “Okay, we also went back to the classroom and put the schoolbag back on the school.” The students jumped up again happily.r last Children’s Day was over in happiness.