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When is the moon? Ask the wine to ask


3:06 am
November 8, 2018


Fresh Meat

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When is the moon? Ask the wine to ask the sky. I don��t know what the palace is, what year is it? I want to go back by the wind, and I am afraid of Qiu Lou Yu Yu, the height is not cold. Dancing clear shadow, like in the world. Turn Zhuge, low tenants, and sleepless. There should be no hate, when will it grow to another time! People have joys and sorrows, and there is a lack of gloom in the moon []Carton Of Marlboro Reds[/url]. Nung, moon and new moon! everyone knows, this first word is Su Shi’s “Water Melody” in the Song Dynasty. Appreciate an ancient poetry to understand its writing background: This first song was written in the mid-autumn of the nine years of Xining, and the poems were sent to the memory of the deceased disciples; it is the master’s masterpiece after drunkenness.nely depicting this poem, it seems that there is a drunken Su Shi in the mind who dances, thinks, and squats in the courtyard. He looked at a bright and bright moon and had a lot of thoughts. He may be wondering why people always have to leave? Why can’t people be “a thousand miles in total”!d from this first word, we can also understand what. Perhaps there is a “day” in the midst of the sorrow and joy of the people, which cannot be changed, but we must learn to cherish everything around us - even if it is a grass and a tree. When it is lost and then regretted, it will not help.scovering the philosophy of life - this is the charm of ancient poetry []Newport Cigarettes[/url], which is the essence of Chinese traditional culture. I believe that if you continue to study it, you will definitely find out more! I remember when I was a child, when Dad told me the story of Santa Claus, I was still a little doubtful, but I was still on Christmas night, putting my favorite little cotton ly the next morning, I couldn’t wait to touch the sock. Huh? How hard is it? gift? I took out the things inside []Marlboro Red[/url], a cute little Christmas card and a book of my favorite “Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck”! I was still excited about opening the greeting card in the bed. The above is a fine silky font, saying: Merry Christmas! The signature is Santa Claus. In that moment, surprise and ecstasy weaved into a beautiful piece of music in my heart.I came to school, I was innocent. I told all the children about this []Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online[/url]. They all looked at me with envious eyes. The classmates said to me []Newport Cigarettes Price[/url], “You are so lucky! I didn’t get any gifts from Santa Claus.” “Daddy said that only very good, very awkward children have gifts!” I proudly said, sweet in my heart. the following years, I always get Christmas gifts - dolls, animated discs, school supplies… until the third grade, this secret was discovered by me. My father was originally “Santa Claus”, and the gift I got was not The old man who rode the deer gave something, but his father��s infinite love for me! For a time, my heart was hollow, but I understood