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Wholesale Menthol Cigarettes


9:44 pm
October 12, 2020



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Its shredded tobacco is very unique, divided into golden yellow and green. The green is the perennial young leaves on the agarwood tree, and the yellow is the superior tobacco leaf material. Its overall taste is comfortable, fresh and natural, and the faint smoke aroma blends with a touch of light. Aroma, mellow and smooth in taste, the smoke is delicate when passing through the throat Cheap Cigarettes, the aftertaste is pure, and the sweetness and body fluid are obvious. After smoking, the scent remains, and the faint scent of smoke makes it particularly comfortable to smell. The scent floating in the air can last for a long time. Further meet the individual needs of consumers and enhance the brand influence of “Su Yan”. 1. Comparison of the color difference of the small box label paper pattern: The authentic small box label paper is mainly dark, the color is uniform, and the double dragon play bead pattern is clear and complete; the fake cigarette printing process is rough Cigarettes Online, and the color of the label paper pattern is obviously different from the original one. 2. Comparison of the difference in the printing process of the small box label paper: The authentic small box label paper adopts the laser engraving printing process, which has a strong sense of relief, and the color of the auspicious cloud pattern has a significant effect; fake cigarette printing mostly uses imitation scanning printing, and the pattern printing effect is obvious with the genuine product. difference. 3. Comparison of the difference between the steel stamps at the bottom of the small box: the stamp at the bottom of the genuine small box is a dynamic machine-printed letter and number arrangement Newport 100S, used for product quality tracing inquiries. The steel needle strikes are clear and complete and have a certain depth; fake cigarette steel stamps are blurred and steel needles The striking characteristics are obviously different from the real product. 4. Comparison of differences in cigarette rolling process: genuine cigarette filter rods use a single cellulose acetate filter rod, with proper cigarette structure ratio and uniform cut width; fake cigarette filter rods are shorter, and contain more shredded tobacco without expansion treatment The characteristics of the rear tobacco stems are obviously different from the real ones.
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