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yo i cant be beaten im calling out everyone u can try but u gon die


12:35 pm
March 5, 2008


Seasoned Veteran

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tim treezy said:

joeys gettin beat by a girrrl, joeys gettin beat by a girrl.

He’ll get stomped and beat.

“got the game hemmed up… like a sewin’ machine..” -Em

12:41 pm
March 5, 2008

Ja-Taa the Misfit

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"can’t be beaten"??!  you’re either delusional or suffer from short-term memory loss, cuz I seem to recall wiping my ass with ur face in only 8 bars… against ur 16, well, 15. 

Remember this Joey…?



…and now ur about to get raped by a rookie chick… who doesn’t have "3 albums and a contract".  I only wish we could see the look on ur face when it happens.  Have fun kid. 

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