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Zang Kejia once said: “Some


1:19 am
October 18, 2018



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Zang Kejia once said: “Some people are alive, he is dead, some people are dead, he is still alive.” Lei Feng - this great and loud name []Newport Cigarettes[/url], I will put him deeply in my since I saw the story of Lei Feng, it has been moving me. Lei Feng is a caring and helpful person. People have circulated such a saying: “Lei Feng has made a train for a thousand miles on a business trip.” It��s not hard to be a good thing to do a good thing []Marlboro Lights[/url], but it��s hard. Uncle Lei Feng is such a kind of helpful person to start from a trivial little thing. He has done countless good things, such as supporting the disaster area to offer love, helping his comrades to make up the quilt, assisting the cooking class to wash vegetables, helping others on the train, and so on. Later, due to a public injury, he died in office with Chairman Mao Zedong��s inscription: “Learn from Comrade Lei Feng.”regards serving the people as his habits of life, often manifested in his work and life. He sees people who have difficulties in life and does everything he can to help others []Marlboro Cigarettes Online[/url]. Lei Feng is doing a good job. It is very common for him. He went to the field to carry out his mission. He took the train halfway and he did a good job. So the story of “Lei Feng��s business trip for a thousand miles, a good thing to do a train” is passed on in the crowd. opened. Lei Feng is still a serious person who studies hard []Cigarettes Cheaper[/url], and when he rests at night, he studies hard. In his spare time, he took the time to study and enrich his knowledge. Feng is a model for serving the people wholeheartedly. As the saying goes: “Lei Feng is on a business trip for a thousand miles. A good thing has been a train.” Once, Lei Feng was on a business trip to Anton, and he got on the train from Fushun. He saw the train crew busy. So he helped the conductor to clean the floor, wipe the glass, and pour the water for the passengers… When he changed trains at Shenyang Station, he found that the ticket gate was noisy and surrounded a group of people. It turned out that a middle-aged woman had no ticket and insisted on getting on the train []Marlboro Cigarettes Price[/url]. Lei Feng listened to her to tell the truth, so she bought a ticket for the woman with her own allowance. When a woman asks him what his name is? Where does it work? Lei Feng said with a smile: “I am a PLA soldier and I live in China.” After that, he turned and left.Learn from Comrade Lei Feng. This is what our beloved Chairman Mao said. Lei Feng - you will live in my heart forever!