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Clouddawg-”sniper rifle session” feedback please


4:20 pm
March 24, 2008



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well was bored,wrote few lines and made this "sniper rifle session "


would be nice with some feedback.

maybe not the best quality but its not 2 bad.

well peace out from sweden halmstad….

the clouddawg


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5:12 pm
March 24, 2008

Trey Catalyst


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the track’s pretty good, i didnt understand some words but the rest were fine. good track. is that the Scapegoat instrumental? if it is can you please send it to me - thanks man, see i wanted to get on that beat but i think it must have been sold or somethin but anyway man, yeah keep it up, keep improving in all areas vocabulary is key, nice lyrics in there aswell dude.

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