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Having 8 slices of Cannabis Cake


12:45 am
September 2, 2022



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Worst mistake of my life. It’s supposed to be Relaxing into Trip/Vomiting and peaceful sleep, I swear I skipped the f*cking relaxation and went straight into the Tripping Vomitting part. I guess it’s better than straight-up Marujana but I guess it’s true what they say. Don’t do drugs

EDIT : OK im realising now that I left a lot out of the story - So you know “I lack self control” and im gonna use an excuse Called Alchohol, yes a dangerous combo with Marujana, Now i didnt have a lot of alchochol like not even half a bottle of VB but to be fair, im a total lightweight - So it clearly wasent very smart to Have both at the same time - This might sound like an excuse for me having 8 slices but really its just me telling you that I lack even MORE self control


2:12 am
September 2, 2022



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Yes, I saw this news, and I can say that this is complete nonsense, because if you did something in another country, you should not be punished for it. After all, for example, in California, it is allowed to smoke marijuana and use various products that contain THC. By the way, I sometimes buy some products from this site —

10:57 am
September 3, 2022



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In terms of physical pleasure, it hasn’t ever done anything to make it more or less pleasing for me.

But it does make me feel more relaxed and calm so sex overall is more enjoyable.

11:09 am
December 5, 2023



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Education around responsible consumption is another aspect that could be improved. Not all patrons may be well-versed in the different strains, consumption methods, and dosage considerations. Clubs could play a more proactive role in providing information and resources to ensure a positive and informed experience for all members. Another concern revolves around safety, especially in areas where cannabis clubs operate. While most clubs prioritize security, there’s always room for improvement.