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HinSaru* - No Way Out ft. Aggy (Debut Song)


6:09 pm
March 31, 2008



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Hi guys, it’s my first time posting a song here on Shadowville, but I know the community great here.

I was born influenced by Korean Hip Hop rappers such as Outsider, Drunken Tiger, and Epik High. My flow isn’t the strongest, but I try and concentrate on lyrics.

This is my first official recording ever, I feel like I was more featured because the singer takes over the song after my verse, but she instead wanted to be featured.

But anyways here is the song, once again I was experimenting with my flow, so there will be a huge change in the middle.

Oh and the beat is by Emotion-L Productions. 



6:50 pm
March 31, 2008

Trey Catalyst


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great track man, flow was tight man, keep it up, singer was GREAT! nice work, both of you!

I Leave Girls Missin Periods, Like They Got Bad Grammar.

10:21 pm
March 31, 2008


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Kissimmee, FL


Really nice track. Really good mic precense, good mic quality, nice flow and awesome singer (though the singer went off tone/pitch in some parts of the song)…..the only thing u gotta watch out for are the fast lines u was spittin… some of them u went off flow/beat but it was a minimal thing. Really nice track.

one more thing….try to give the singer more fullness to her voice….kinda sounded as if u recorded with 2 different mics and 1 wasnt as good as the other and made her voice kinda faded or held back 

12:02 am
April 1, 2008



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Thanks Trey Catalyst and DJ EcKo


Yeah the singer used a different mic.  I’m currently in an internet label, so we all use different mics.

I’m spoiled so I have my own mini personal studio compared to the rest they have headset mics and karaoke mics. 

2:24 am
April 4, 2008



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Lyrics: Good ass motherf**kin lyrics dude, aggy sounds good too, (send her to vocal training though). But yeah if you start goin too fast your gonna get off beat so around the end just slow it up a bit.

Beat: FLI - Fucking Loved It.

Quality: She had a diff mic, but who cares the quality kicked ass.

Overall: 3.5 out of 5 

11:19 am
April 4, 2008



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That was good something i’ll definetly like to listen to