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lookin for beats and collabs


9:16 pm
February 15, 2019


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look…I know every rapper says they’re dope and they got bars and blah bladdie blah…

but i’m dope and got bars…i’m look’n to collab and I need beats that wont cost me and arm and a leg

i’m truly sick…period

check me out on sound cloud….my username is “MC Stephen James”

listen to a few songs and hit me up if you need REAL lyrics to bless yer dope beats

thanks for your time


1:44 am
February 17, 2019


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Post edited 1:48 am - February 17, 2019 by charlesbukowski

Aint rappin for a minute but ill check ya out heres my soundcloud man 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺 update*** ya its good listenin now……

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6:48 pm
April 17, 2019


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i love the confidence man. its not the worst ive heard. but just by listening to the song i can tell. Your are very young in your rap career. Your production value is in its early stages. Reminds me when i started thats how my production sounded. Your deliver is what needs work, its need more conviction, more inflection on your words, structured rhyme schemes, not just rhyming the same word 2 and 3 times in 1 bar. you are still only rhyming one syllable, try multiple syllable rhymes.


I ain’t giving no f*cks
Cause I’ma get it sho nuff
You know the kid done grown up

each bar is rhyming 3 different syllables

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8:09 pm
April 27, 2019

jacob jay of eternal conflict


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