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Mixing Vocals in Mixcraft?


6:16 pm
December 14, 2009



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Pittsburgh, PA


Any suggestions on how to mix vocals well in Mixcraft? I've got a pretty solid set of effects i usually use, but i was wonderin if anybody had any ideas



6:20 pm
December 14, 2009

Dizzy C

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well i use mixcraft 4 and if you have a bad ass mic with bad ass quality chances are you are going to need the classic compresser so everything can be heard clear to everyone listening, it ain't gonna give you the best sound because if you don't have the right mic then you get the output. I personally use Classic Compresser, Mic Modulator, and EQ (classic) or what ever it's called. Then if it's too low i use the Master Limiter and edit it so it won't be too loud.

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8:15 pm
December 14, 2009


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make sure you've fixed the preferences in your recording quality, instead of 4100 something like 4400 or higher is better.

also, adding some reverb is good to. i dont use mixcraft 4 so i dont know what they've added to it, but you can always find a vst or something that helps in the mixing quality of the vocal track.

and yes the mic n soundcard does make a big difference.

one of my friends says he records and edits in mixcraft then saves in wav file, opens it up in adobe audition and does the final mix down with it, apparently it works, havent tried it myself

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5:08 pm
December 15, 2009



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Pittsburgh, PA


thanks guys, i’ll try a few things out and see how they work