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Popular - KayR :: Self-Produced


8:29 pm
June 16, 2012


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tl2 said:

Care to RTF on a new beat i made? 

Sure thing!

1:44 pm
June 17, 2012



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Another quality drop from you. Your sound quality is really good! The sample is cool, really set the mood for the track. Your lyrics are dope, and i like “it's going down like” thing. You totally kill it from 0:59 to 1:10, that was crzy dope. Your delivery is nice, but because you don't really switch it up in 2nd and 3rd verse it gets kinda boring.

Good work! 

6:12 pm
June 17, 2012


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I like this track that is cool sample.

Your flow is cool and I like the switch ups.  I would say it sometimes feels like the accent you use is not natural but forced.  I think its cool but I would like to hear more natural emotiions and dialect and I think it would sound sicker.

But good track and message on this.

Check this out and jump on it if you like it.…..ats-collab

10:02 pm
June 17, 2012



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The beat was bananas.. Good Shit. 

Track wise.. this is probably 1 of the better i've heard from you… some beats you use your voice doesnt mesh well imo.. but you killed this 1. Delivery was on point, flow was crisp.. Lyrics were there too.. the only negative thing i can say about this piece is the longer than usual pause in the first verse.. good s**t.

10:50 pm
June 17, 2012


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KayGambino!!! lol, and I mean that with good intent completely. I like hearing a shadowville with that style.

The beat was cool, the sample made me  lol, but was dope.

Flow was good. 

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3:36 am
June 18, 2012

AJay tha Kidd

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you went in on that first verse. and this beat is ill . you should produce more.

7/10 <—the epidemic - RH

8:22 pm
June 18, 2012



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Post edited 8:23 pm - June 18, 2012 by thisisrek

this s**ts cool, i like the beat a lot, your a really good producer

the lyrics and flow are dope, im not a fan of your voice, but you cant change that

the mixing is really clean, and some of the metaphors you drop are tight as hell too

overall i dont have too much hate on this track, except maybe add more emotion, but its pretty well put together

 return feed:…..-new-track

12:22 am
June 20, 2012


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Thanks for checking it out guys. Bumping that!

6:48 am
June 20, 2012



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Kansas City


this is ill homie, i like the beat alot, lyrics seem  a little loud compared to beat, i like when u speed up, dope s**t bro, check me out when u get a moment…..uitar-beat

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2:49 am
June 21, 2012



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The Bay, South Africa


sick beat man, loving that, i think the lyrics were a bit loud compared to the beat especially when you first came in, then it kinda blended more. flow was nice i like the lyrics too. i could probably play this on my ipod a few times. whens the video for this one coming out????(just an idea, lol)

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