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Shade Stone - Don’t Get Caught and Counter Attack (Debut Songs) Feedback Encouraged.


3:54 am
April 4, 2008



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Alright these two songs here are my first recordings ever, so they are not very good if at all and I know this. I come humble as someone who wishes to learn more so that when I officially drop something It will be the best I can possibly do. The first song is just me and is called Don’t Get Caught, and the other is called Counterattack which is done by me and my cuz as a group. I appreciate and encourage open and honest feedback on these too songs. Thank you.


8:46 am
April 4, 2008

Trey Catalyst


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mic quality and mic prescnce need improving, like me, all new artists have it, was aiight overall just gotta ya know, feel the beat


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11:39 am
April 4, 2008



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i personally have already heard worse debuts… mine for example lol

 just get a better mic… sometime in future…

there is already flow but it definately needs improvement as well as the delivery… kinda doesnt fit the beat in my opinion


bottom line is keep practicing =) 

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