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The Longest Rap Cipher Ever


12:55 pm
November 21, 2008


Posts: 859

Brooklyn, NY


Okay. Let's play a game and let's see how far we can keep this going. I'm going to start a cipher of 4 bars. The next person to reply to this post will also spit 4 bars. However, the first 2 bars must rhyme with the last 2 bars of the previous post, and so on.

You're also free to comment on someone's flow, but ONLY if you END the post with your 4 bars of flow. So don't comment unless you're joining in.

Here we go.

I'm a drop a cipher to start some Shadowville hype //

No beef – just love, I said no battles or fights //

So let us gather and flow and drop whatever comes

And f**k wit more lines than Kate Moss would ever bump

Art is the Ability to Control Other’s Emotions With Your Mind.


1:19 pm
November 21, 2008



Posts: 13


Cats ask me if I'll ever leave the game, I tell 'em, “never punk”//

Wont stop till I run my city, call me the Oriental Trump//

With each bar, I bring that raw s**t like I'm slinging that crack//

Cynics say Hip Hop is dead, but we're bringing it back//

1:22 pm
November 21, 2008


Seasoned Veteran

Posts: 860


Reviving the core and keeping it in tact

Hip Hop is well alive and I am proof of this fact

So brush yourself back take notice of the movement

Then keep it going you know you want to do it

-”Believe” mixtape now available for free download.

1:55 pm
November 21, 2008


Seasoned Veteran

Posts: 758



Nobody does it better, I think I’m provin’

That fact, no cheddar, but I’ll leave y’all bruisin’

Somewhere along the line, emcees turned stupid

Shadowville is here to revive these rhymes, follow their blueprint

“got the game hemmed up… like a sewin’ machine..” -Em

3:24 pm
November 21, 2008


Master Shadowvillian

Posts: 3003


Don't worry about the boy when I cock it and do it//

We to fast for the game so just chop it and screw it//

We bring pain to the ears of these other rap lames//

Shadowville castin clouds on all the other rap names//

Stand for something or you will fall for anything.

3:49 pm
November 21, 2008


Master Shadowvillian

Posts: 4921


I 'mutilate the beat', no more just leaving the 'Track Slained'-

Survival rate on wax with me's in the odds of a 'Crashed Plane'./

Plenty rap amatuers 'ball', but my 'league' is 'Pro-Sport'-

Initiated myself in burning my tounge with a 'Blow Torch'./

5:22 pm
November 21, 2008


Master Shadowvillian

Posts: 3794


and so forth, im the winner of full court//

in all sorts, my skill is tall but yall are too short//

so take this finger and reminisce, im not bringing you down//

im murderin the game with lyrics and glock sounds//

Withered Wallflower (Nothing is Sacred) out now

5:32 pm
November 21, 2008


Master Shadowvillian

Posts: 4044

Digital Velocity


Anybody running lips you need to stop now

Like a Compton jail I got “The Game” on lock down

I’m ferocious and atrocious and you rappers better notice

That I’m lyrically precocious and I’m gonna leave you hopeless

6:56 pm
November 21, 2008


Master Shadowvillian

Posts: 4921


Nonsense or spam, thats what this forum has 'Come to'-

'Young dudes'-with too much time-that leave a post saying 'Fuck You'./

You harbor issues fam, get off the internet, seek 'Imediate Help'-

Vagina's with ego's; This 'Pussy's real problem's he 'Needs Hisself'./

7:23 pm
November 21, 2008


Master Shadowvillian

Posts: 4044

Digital Velocity


For those who dont understand PIKK's post, spadez posted f**k you after my post (slant must have deleted)…. Sorry Spadez no hard feelings…

Damn PIKK let me feed on this elf

 I'm Treeze, but this weed needs to be dealt

Dude came on here talking bout f**k me?

Your lucky, next time I'll end that ass abruptly