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5083 aluminum sheet price


1:34 am
November 28, 2023


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5083 aluminum sheet price begins from $2350 per metric ton, but sometimes it can be as high as $3000 and above, for aluminum 5083 price fluctuates with variation in specification, quantity, surface treatment methods, market conditions, customs policies, delivery costs and so on. Any price of 5083 alloy sheet you obtain from a supplier is based on comprehensive analysis of the factors above. It’s also the just reason why Huawei overshadow its competitors in sales quantity of marine grade aluminium plates. Our quality matches price perfectly.
We follow a strict product control system in production of 5083 aluminum sheets. Consisting of alloy composition calculation, improvement in casting and melting, even heat treatment and rolling process experiment, this system enables us to supply 5083 aluminum plates of quality equal to top products in the global market. We are winning increasing orders from industries of shipbuilding, rail trains, automobile, molds and other complex parts, the demands for which keeps climbing. What’s more, our good price 5083 plates, with a maximum width of 2650mm and thickness 500mm, show no internal stress or deformation in cutting.
Marine grade 5083 aluminum sheets are usually of h116, h321 and h112 state, applied to bodies of yachts, ferries and boats. Thin 5083 sheets serve as raw materials of aluminum alloy tank car bodies, car oil tanks, air reservoir, bus skin, C82 coal trucks, car roofing, car bottom guards etc, and thick and wide sheets for mould, LNG storage tanks, flange materials, GIS high pressure switch shells, precision machining, etc. We promise to offer the most competitive price of all the 5083 sheets above.