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AC issue. Broken schrader valve


4:03 am
December 24, 2021



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Finally decided to address my slow leaking schrader and I guess I gorilla handed the new fragile valve. Now I have no raised portion for the tool to grab at. It’s the low side (small) port. The 4 in 1 tool has what they call a remover but that is pretty much useless as it is soft metal and pretty much a smooth cone after attempting removal.

I know the high port is removable and was wondering if low was as well.

So frustrating. Bought gage set and vacuum pump today and a 50c part has me stalled.

The kit I bought from Advance says it’s correct valves and seals and the valves appear identical to old ones. The reason I broke the thing off was after replacing both valves neither hose from Gage’s would engage on ports. I pulled high side back out and verified that they do engage fully with original valve in place. Anyone aware of specific schrader valve requirements on 97 SL?

Bill from Extreme Southern North Carolina
‘97 Satty SL2
280Kish miles


10:20 am
December 24, 2021



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Have been thinking about an air con for several months. My wife and I’ve recently bought the van and already made a route. The problem’s that we’re very sensitive to temperature. I can’t handle the heat at all. Hope that the air con system’ll help us. Btw, one friend told me about ac repair holiday fl. In case if there’d be any problems. I don’t know much about all this stuff. But a trip in a van was our biggest dream, you know. So now I try to learn as much as possible before the journey. Maybe you can give me some tips. Will be really grateful.

1:59 pm
November 29, 2023



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Post edited 7:18 am - December 4, 2023 by samsontryn

Man, dealing with those schrader valves can be a real headache sometimes! It sounds like you’re knee-deep in troubleshooting mode. If the low side port is giving you grief, the high side usually comes off but the low side can be tricky.

Have you considered checking out sites like They often have detailed guides or forums where folks share similar issues and solutions. They might have some specific insights on those schrader valve requirements for your SL ‘97.