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Adjustable focus lens non gaussian 532nm green line laser module review


10:22 am
November 30, 2023



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San Jose


In any type of highly precise line generation at different work distances, it is always far more enough than formal hand reaching, thus it is making a good job with a high brightness device of a non gaussian 532nm green line laser module. It is always working well with the most visible and the brightest green laser light source emission from a middle wavelength 532nm green DPSS laser system. In practical industrial and high tech precise line measuring work fields, either it is pointing at close or long distance, it is able to make no barrier, no manual labor force input, and long lasting precise line positioning results for all precise machinery processing works continuously.
Not limited by long distance or high height, the real use of a non gaussian 532nm green line laser module applies the most advanced 532nm green DPSS laser tech within wide range output power of 5mW to 100mW. It always allows easy and convenient use in any work fields. On condition that it gets advanced use of a metal heat sink cooling system inside a high duration anodized aluminum alloy housing tube, it is getting excellent thermal emitting and thermal conductivity. Users can operate this laser line generator within long lasting work time of 10 hours, without any worrying about laser light decay or dim in proper use.
Being made with a high quality separate crystal lens within wide fan angles of 10 to 93 degree, this 532nm green line laser module is always getting even better performance than formal glass or plastic coated lens. It is generating high uniformity and high fineness green reference line projection, which also enables the same line brightness from the middle part towards both ends. Once this laser line generator gets basic measurement and experiment of desired line length, line fineness and work distance, it allows correct use of output power and optic lens fan angle, and extremely clear line generation as long as 25 meters and high lighting as well.
After easy connects with 5V, 9V 1000mA DC power supply, not limited by any harsh working occasion, this non Gaussian beam 532nm green line laser module enables the most convenient installation and the easiest reaching of green line generation onto any vertical or horizontal surface. Once it gets highly concentrated green laser light source emission, this adjustable focus optic lens made industrial alignment laser gets increasing accuracy and brightness line generation at greater distance. When users are taking laser safety measure and wearing proper 532nm wavelength preventing laser safety glasses, it just brings users easy and secured line generation in long lasting use.