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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Human Hair Wigs And Synthetic Wigs


1:29 am
June 30, 2022



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When choosing a wig, in addition to considering factors such as color, style, texture, length, etc., have you ever thought about a hidden detail, that is, whether the wig is made of synthetic fiber or human hair.

What is a human hair wig?
Human hair curly lace front wigs come in two categories: processed hair and raw hair.
The hairs are kept together to ensure that the cuticle is facing in the same direction as when growing from the head.
It ensures the most natural appearance as well as easier brushing.
When hair cuticle reverses, they are more likely to break.
1. Modeling versatility.
It can be curled, permed, straightened, or colored at any time, just like natural hair.
However, before replacing human hair wigs in West Kiss Coupon Code, you should consult a stylist first.
They will be able to teach you the best techniques for styling and maintaining your Discount Wigs.

2. The texture.
Human hair wigs are the same as the real hair and come in a variety of textures so you can always find your natural hair to match.
3. A long life.
If properly cared for, a human hair wig worn daily can last two to three times longer than a synthetic wig for a year or more.
4. Natural look.
The human hair wig feels great and looks very natural.

1. Maintenance: regular cleaning, deep conditioning, and re-modeling are required to maintain its natural luster.
2. Cost: Because they’re harvested from human hair, they’re usually more expensive.
3. Weight: Human hair wigs feel heavier than synthetic wigs of similar length and style.
4. Weather: Just like your natural hair, human hair wigs can become frizzy, soft, or dry depending on the weather.
5. Fading: The color of a wig can oxidize or fade when exposed to light.

What is a synthetic wig?
Synthetic hair wigs are made of plastic fibers, usually a type of nylon.
The quality and properties of these fibers vary by manufacturer and wig style.
High-quality synthetic fibers will retain their luster, color, and shape, not low-quality fibers.
1. Easy to care for: Synthetic wigs require almost no maintenance.
Simply wash, dry, and shake them, and the wig will return to its original shape.
2. Weather resistance: Synthetic wigs retain their style regardless of the weather.
3. Versatility: Because of the low cost, you can buy multiple synthetic wigs to experiment with different styles, cuts, and colors.
Cost: Synthetic wigs are relatively cheap.

1. Unnatural: Some economical or inexpensive synthetic wigs may have an unnatural sheen.
2. Longevity: Synthetic wigs and headwear don’t last as long as human hair wigs, usually lasting 4-6 months.
3. Low versatility: Synthetic wigs cannot be straightened or crimped with heated styling tools unless they are specially designed as “heat-friendly” synthetic wigs.
4. Do not change color: Recoloring is not recommended for synthetic wigs, and traditional hair colors do not adhere to the fibers.
5. Air permeability: The air permeability of synthetic wigs is less than that of human hair lace wigs.
They are hot and can cause irritation and discomfort in warm weather.

Find out the difference between human hair wigs and synthetic wigs, and you can get a wig that is more suitable for you. Next, go to find the wig you want and make this summer different!