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11:00 am
June 25, 2021


Fresh Meat

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A (wolf) cut above the rest: introducing the fiercest hairstyle of the summer

You’ve learned the embarrassing dance routines, added a verse to a sea shanty in your best singing voice and spent too long looking at #5inchseam, but how about discovering your new hairstyle on TikTok?

The wolf cut is this summer’s fiercest look: a cross between 2020’s harsh home-hack mullet and the softer heavy-layered shag, and it’s making waves on the site, where it has 108 million views (and counting). There is no doubt we will be seeing a lot of this look on every over-packed beach, brunch of six and overdue music festival in the coming months.

The youth have been clued up for a while but it was when Billie Eilish debuted her new icy-blonde wolf cut last month that the penny dropped for the rest of us. Eilish’s mullet 2.0 had the safety of length round the sides, but with more choppy volume through the crown and the interest of a heavy split fringe linked through into extensive layering through the back section, tapering off at the bottom. It looked, dare we say it, easy to wear.

Unlike the long-back, short-sides version that Miley Cyrus was modelling last year, the wolf cut has the benefit of the face-framing feathering of a Nineties “Rachel” look, plus a double shot of rock’n’roll attitude. In other words, it’s the just rolled out of bed insouciance we need for the hedonistic summer ahead.–60d5fb5adf8ec4fa0d908e77