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10:37 pm
August 20, 2009

Sleepy Bonez


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Xehanort said:

Smoke some weed.

Ideas will fill your mind within an instant.

True dat lol when i started writin high it improved a lil but my sober writing still jus as good

Fuck crack nigga i spit crystal meth

8:25 am
August 21, 2009

a dot

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fims said:

KoreanNuke said:

i dont get the topic 0-0

it kinda dont make sence at all 0-0

it's about mainstream music

he's taking marshal mathers theme.

Yeah bout how they fake and s**t. The first 10 or so lines are set for the metaphor of how the dog took the b*tches so ii killed all the cats (emcees)

Text Battle Record 2010 3-3

6:36 pm
August 23, 2009

a dot

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You might hear me knocking on your door, locking the stores

Manager in the empty safe, I'm anti Robin Hood cause

I don't steal to give, but to take from the poor,

You don't think I'll rape this whore, you right

Cause I'll strangle here, dangle her from big Ben at ten to midnight

Till the clock strikes and she dies, they find, here lying

Surrounded by a blood puddle the next morning

That'll teach her not to struggle; I'm yawing at these new acts

How the f**k you supposed to relax with these whack cats

So I use my pen as an axe, chop em up and send it to there parents in a fax

Haha, but with these fags you never now bout these mags

You bout to pick up, the best thing is the ads

Cause the others got their d**k up being fake like Westwood with rags

If the best could be Pac, then how can the best be his ass?

I guess I'm just holding on to the past, where no one would wear a mask

(now you might be wondering why i posted this well i dunno i need to get it from laptop to my computer so yeah tell me what you think)

Text Battle Record 2010 3-3

6:52 pm
August 23, 2009

KoreanNuke of Eternal Conflict

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LA DownTown


it looks ok not a big fan of Mainstream but its comin good =](i wonder how Zinn would sound if he got on radio 0-0 or LC or Lost)