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Audacity vs. Mixcraft


7:52 pm
November 2, 2009

4th Density 豐 AAB

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aright so i been usin audacity to record n the vocals dont come out crisp at all, i thought it was my mic but someone told me it might be audacity. I think the mic is part of it though, its a dynamic mic n not a condensser so i need to buy a condensser mic. But i've gotten s**t from people on here sayin “lol audacity is used in public schools” i used it cuz im broke n tryin to make somethin outta nothin n it was free but im sick of hollowed out vocals that dont sound right. Does anyone have any experience with Audacity and Acoustica Mixcraft? Can you tell me how they compare? I heard Mixcraft was alot better but i want more opinions.

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8:01 pm
November 2, 2009


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hey i know everything there is to know on mixcraft but im using my homies name so hit me up on my myspace send me a message and listen to my music i only use mixcraft   my name is my name is jay but i can even help u mix ya music i own my own label

8:02 pm
November 2, 2009


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mixcraft is almost the same as cool edit pro

the thing with mixcraft is, it can run vsts dx's some other s**t too

audacity is just s**t plain n simple lol

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9:25 pm
November 2, 2009

Bam the don


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probably mixcraft ya. lol idk how the track setup is, but i use flstudio to record on Edison, and then i paste the good tracks over to audacity. And the way Audacity can mix tracks and s**t is reaal good. maybe just for me tho cuz im used to audacity.

but ya the recording in audacity doesnt always come out great,  unless u f**k around with the compressor and leveller and bulls**t a whole bunch!

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10:26 pm
November 2, 2009

Vick Dick


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When i first started out i used mixcraft, I tried aduacity but never liked it at all. Yet it whouldn't really make a difference in recording quailty really cause both programs record pretty much in the same way. But mixcraft is better for mixing your vocals to get them to sound better (Compression, EQ, ETC..)