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Bitrix24 is not really a CRM


9:23 am
December 13, 2019



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Bitrix24 is not really a CRM, but rather a platform for managing a company. I’m talking about the platform because Bitrix24 includes various features: resource management, project management, document management, CRM, collaboration, HR, etc. It may be good, but it brings some complexity, not exactly what you want.

At the CRM level, Bitrix24 offers an advanced solution for managing market interactions (prospectuses, customers, partners, etc.) at the level of contacts, observations, emails, phone calls, tasks, and meetings. It seems to be an advanced contact management where the user can import / export contacts, segment the market and generate activity reports. In fact, the main panel is the “activity Stream” where everyone finds all their past, present and planned activity.

More interesting are the functionality of the trading area, which allows you to create and send offers (based on the catalog of goods, discounts, etc.), as well as to invoice customers. Accounts can be personalized. I haven’t found information on the site on how to integrate a financial accounting app, but I don’t think it can be too complicated. There are many small companies that need “accounting CRM” and such features are highly appreciated.

Bitrix24 also includes Social CRM functionality through integration with various social media channels through which users can interact directly / in real time with the interested public. The solution also offers a “web form Builder” for creating online forms. Several models are available, but they can be customized to the user’s taste (text, image, rules, etc.). These forms make it easy to interact with visitors and collect contacts, leads, etc.


5:39 am
December 14, 2019


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Managers use the critical chain management method (a continuation of the critical path method) to prioritize critical resources. While contractors for projects such as housing often face the risk that some teams will wait for others to finish building, they also need to lay deadlines for the supply of critical supplies.

7:04 am
December 14, 2019


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Risk management methods: a set of methods allows you to identify and assess risk at different phases of the project development, find ways to reduce it and influence on the main parameters of the project. The toolkit of risk management methods includes probabilistic and alternative network models, simulation, expert systems, probability and reliability theory, robust technology, etc.

7:46 am
December 14, 2019


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I wonder how you understood how to work successfully in Bitrix? Immediately there is no way to understand what and how to do, is not it? I for example reviewed a number of videos about working in Bitrix before I realized what and how to do it. Of course, now there are different questions. But it has become much easier to work with Bitrix. How’s that offer from Bitrix? Who uses this in their work? What are some interesting points about this? What do you do with Bitrix?

12:21 pm
December 14, 2019


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A project management plan is an approved document to guide project implementation. This is a document that contains and integrates planning results in all areas of the project (time, costs, resources, risks, quality, etc.). It is impossible to create a detailed plan for the entire project at once.

11:05 pm
December 14, 2019


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Project management is quite popular and necessary in modern business. That amount of information of possible solutions and actions that exists now and causes the need for project management skills