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Bow Wow Signed To Cash Money?


1:43 pm
August 20, 2009


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Because to ME it seems like Cash Money is making a terrible move but of course I wanted to hear everyone's opinion. I got a feeling you are trying to shift the blame of all this onto me somehow. I think you should just chill out.

” i’d rather get butt plugged by spadez and phaze ” - Grim Demize

2:36 pm
August 20, 2009

KoreanNuke of Eternal Conflict

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Rozwell said:

zyontheking said:

Fuck Rudolph

you want to see me in a battle then we can do it

if not, I aint even worried about your f****t ass.

Wayne is still beast. Let me know when you sell 10 records because of your skill level.



still champ

Yup… he looks like a beast

he looks like a f**kin joke 0-0 i bet most people here are better then his ass