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Brazilian mum to give hundreds of sad England fans free nudes if Brazil lif


8:39 pm
November 25, 2022



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EXCLUSIVE: Former cleaner turned racy model Mayara Lopes made a kinky promise to England’s football fans if Brazil go on to lift their sixth World Cup in Qatar next month

It goes without saying that we all want the Three Lions to win the World Cup as we cheer them on against the USA later, but perhaps tournament favourites Brazil being victorious wouldn’t be such a bad thing after all…

Former cleaner Mayara Lopes, who hails from the small Brazilian city of Jacareí, made an eye-popping promise via the Daily Star after watching her nation beat Serbia 2-0 in their opening match in Qatar.

The single mum, 35, vowed to give away nudes to 1,000 footie fans, including fed up England supporters, if Brazil win the competition.

And she said her racy content will help ease the blow to English fans who suffered final heartbreak in the Euros last year.

Barely containing her excitement, she laughed: “I’m giving away 1,000 free subscriptions to my OnlyFans to spread some joy for those who will lose for us!

“So don’t be too disheartened England. And of course Brazilians will get the chance to claim those freebies too. The World Cup is such a special event for us. We’re the best in the world but most of our good players are sold to foreign teams so being able to see them all playing together for our country is amazing.

“The World Cup is so important to Brazilians that most employers will let you leave work early to watch the games with your friends and family, it’s literally a party for us. Since I was a little girl I’ve never missed a game.”

Mayara now lives in Florida, US, after making the gut-wrenching decision to abandon her son in Brazil to clean mansions abroad in America.

But she now gives her teenage son a “beautiful life” after ditching cleaning to regularly earn six figures on OnlyFans.

Before the Serbia clash she claimed her favourite player was Neymar Jr, but after the match an urgent text to the Daily Star read: “After watching the first game I want to add that Richarlison is definitely the new star! His second goal was spectacular.”

Mayara’s commitment to the Brazilian team was never in question – but she proved her incredible loyalty after the tragic death of her father. He died in a motorcycle accident the day before Brazil played Chile in June 2010.

And she remembered: “His funeral happened the next day and even though everyone was extremely sad, a lot of people from the funeral left and went next door to watch the game at a bar and came back after. Brazil won that day. At least something happened to make us a little less sad.”
She is now expecting Brazil to get their hands on the famous trophy for the first time in 20 years.

And as for the lucky fans who will get free access to her OnlyFans for a month, she teased: “My page is really spicy. They will get access to exclusive uncensored content and will be able to chat with me and have my X-rated content. Besides that I always go live on my page and it’s a great way to build a relationship with me.”

Mayara said once her beloved Brazil wins the final on December 18, she will post a free trial link on her Instagram page in what will be a first come first served approach.

As for how optimistic she is, the gorgeous mum concluded: “Brazilians are huge dreamers, so I am very confident Brazil is going to win this year. We’ve been waiting for the Hexa for too long. We deserve it. Also I’m really hopeful because Argentina started losing, and you know, we will always be rivals when the subject is soccer.”

Vamos Brasil!