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Career Advice


10:13 pm
June 8, 2023



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Hey everyone how’s it going.

I’m posting this here in means of trying to possibly gather advice, recommendations, helpful tips or maybe even prior experience with trying to choose a career path involving the outdoors industry. by that I mean conservation, forestry, wildlife biologist oriented or even land management of some kind. before I even continue on. I am a current active duty service member in the military and have spent the better part of a decade in the service between the Marine Corps and Army and it seems now that my time has come to continue on a different path career wise outside of the military due to facing probable separation from the Military bc of medical related issues sustained while in the service. with that being said if it does go through I am intending on making full use of my education benefits and resources afforded to me and plan to continue my education and get my degree hopefully geared towards a career path that is in good demand that will as well provide longevity and lasting financial security as well. with that being said this go around I would definitely like to make my next career move into a field that I can enjoy doing but at the same time be successful while doing it and not have to worry about making ends meet. so please feel free if anyone on here has any information knowledge or expertise regarding the various fields I had mentioned I would gratefully appreciate any advice you all would like to give or maybe even some suggestions to look into. thanks everyone for taking the time to read this.


8:56 am
June 9, 2023


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Career advice can be tough, but it’s great that you’re taking steps to figure things out. Making an Excel chart and reaching out to local outdoor companies sounds like a solid plan. And definitely give LinkedIn a shot, especially for those who quickly apply for jobs. Oh, and getting a professional to help with your resume can make a big difference. Keep your head up during the job hunt. It’s not always easy. By the way, I’m new to the forum, and I’ve been browsing online too. I came across some interesting info that 7.16% of Phlebotomists are Asian. Pretty cool, huh? Best of luck with your career switch, and remember to stay positive!