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Closure Wig vs Frontal Wig: Which is Better? How to Choose?


9:45 pm
September 7, 2021



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As you go towards the world of wigs, you will notice there are many choices to choose from. Especially when we talk about human hair wigs, we see many options pop in front of us. lace closure, lace wigs, closure wig, and frontal wig, human hair weaves all make us look glamourous and give us our dream hair. However, there is a lot more to understand before you buy one of these things. Closure wig and frontal wig are two terms you should be immensely familiar with if you plan on donning an extension or wig anytime soon. Today, we will tell you all there is to know about these, why you should choose one over the other, and what suits you best.
What is a Closure Wig?
A closure wigs is put into the middle of your head, on the horseshoe part of your head. It’s typically small in size, 4×4 inch or 5×5 inch to be exact, and is used mainly to ‘close off’ your hairstyle, hence, called the closure wig. Its popularity comes from the fact that it blends nicely with your natural hair and takes away any artificial impressions because of its’ close off’ design. Usually, you need at least three hair bundles to sew in style entirely. Or buy a 4×4 lace closure wig directly.
The closure wig can come in three different types: free part, middle part, and three-part. You can part a free part wig however you can; a middle part wig will already be parted from the middle, and a three-part wig allows you to style it with three different parts. A closure wig is also classified based on its material: it can have a lace or silk base. A lace base takes points in popularity; however, you can achieve a more natural look using a silk base. Remember, no matter which type you use, it will not cover your entire head, and hence, you are limited to a few hairstyles. For example, you can not do a ponytail or pinned back hair with a closure wig.
Advantages of Choosing a Closure Wig:
·You don’t need to put in a lot of effort to maintain and take care of your closure wig. They work best for every type of hair; whether straight wigs, curly hair, or body wave, a closure wig works wonders for all.
·You can do any part on them, be it a middle part or a side part. This feature makes them extremely popular and flexible in design.
·You can dye a closure wig any color, and hence, you have a lot of funky options to choose from for your hairstyle.
·As mentioned above, a closure wig will perfectly blend in with your natural hair. Therefore, you should not worry about your hair looking out of place.
·The design of this wig protects your hair from damage and becoming prone to breakage. 
·As it covers less headspace than a frontal wig, a closure wig is cheaper.
What is a Frontal Wig?
 A frontal wig runs from ear to ear or temple to temple. It covers your entire hairline, and hence, you don’t have to worry about blending it with your hair for a natural look. In size, it is 13 inches across and 4-6 inches long from the back. 
The frontal wigs also comes in either lace material or silk material; you can choose solely based on your preference. Since it gives the illusion of your scalp with its complete wig design, you can style a frontal wig however you like: you can even put it in a ponytail or bun. 
Advantages of Choosing a Frontal Wig:
·Since a frontal wig covers all of your head, it is much easier to wear and, therefore, is comfortable too.
·As it covers all of your head, you can use it to make almost any type of hairstyle. Another reason for this is that its material gives the sense of a natural scalp. This list includes pulling back your hair for a style, unlike a closure wig.
·It can hide your receding hairline, giving you a full, voluminous hair effect because of its full wig features.
·Unlike a closure wig, you don’t usually need three bundles to cover all of your hair.
As it offers many advantages and has more minor limitations, a frontal wig is expensive compared to a closure wig. 
Which one best suits you?
All in all, the choice between a closure wig and a frontal wig comes down to your needs. What you prefer is what you should get. If you want to have the option to make a variety of different hairstyles, then you should opt for a frontal wig. However, if you want to get a more natural look and don’t plan to change your hairstyle every day, a closure wig would be best for you. Similarly, if you plan on using a wig to cover your receding hairlines, a frontal wig will be your friend. You should also keep in mind your budget; a closure wig is cheaper than a frontal wig.
Closure Wig vs. Frontal Wig FAQs: 
Do I Need to Sew-In Both Wigs?
A lace closure wigs usually needs to be sewn in; however, whether or not you sew in a frontal wig is entirely up to you. You can bond the latter, too, instead of a sew-in. 
Which is Better from a Silk Base and a Lace Base?
A lace base frontal or closure wig tends to lie more flat against your head. It also blends in with the rest of your hair and scalp better as well. On the other hand, a silk base resembles a scalp better than a lace wig. Therefore, if you want a natural look and want to duplicate your scalp exactly, you should go for a lace base.
Is there any specific way I should handle my closure wig? 
Even though a closure wig requires less maintenance than a lace front wigs, you should still take care of it occasionally. Avoid using heat on styling your wig, and be gentle in handling it. After all, it is made of human hair.