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Construction waste crusher realizes industrialization of garbage disposal


9:31 pm
June 18, 2018


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In recent years, with the rapid economic development, the city’s construction waste has increased rapidly. However, the existing construction waste crusher capacity is seriously inadequate, and it is far from meeting the urgent needs of the urban development and waste disposal market. Long-term and disorderly discharge of waste not only takes up a large amount of land resources, but also pollutes the environment and endangers the health of the people and seriously affects the development environment. Research in recent years shows that lack of funds has always been a key factor constraining the development of waste disposal. For a long time, urban waste disposal has been regarded as a public welfare undertaking, and the main source of funding is local finance. The annual increase in waste disposal has brought great pressure on finance at all levels.
In order to speed up the development of industrialization of waste disposal, improve the level and quality of waste treatment and management, protect the ecological environment, promote sustainable development, and collect fees through the tax collection system, the stability and reliability of charges can be guaranteed. In addition, waste recycling can be used for processing and reuse. From the technical point of view, it is also possible to eliminate the phenomenon of unfairness or even corruption caused by the phenomenon of refusal and omissions and human operations.
Due to the concentration of construction waste, the site is relatively limited, and the traffic is not very convenient, it is recommended to use mobile construction waste crusher. First of all, this equipment is a mobile crushing and screening unit that performs multi-stage crushing of large-scale large-scale materials. Most of the construction waste is solid waste, which is usually generated during the construction process or during the maintenance and demolition of old buildings. After preliminary classification and disposal of construction waste, some steel bars and wood can be sorted out, and then masonry and cement concrete can be broken into aggregates. After the construction waste crusher, construction materials with useful values ​​can be obtained. If cement and fly ash and other auxiliary materials are added to the aggregates, a portion of the water is added for stirring to form different building products and road construction products. These products can be used as substitutes for ordinary gravel materials for road foundations.
Kaixing Mining Machine’s mobile mobile garbage crusher is based on the original crusher, equipped with a drive device, there are two types of tire-type and crawler-type, and the fuselage can also be configured screening equipment, made into a set of broken And mobile screening crushing and screening station. The successful launch of construction waste treatment equipment is a boon for the construction waste disposal market. Large-scale construction waste has processing equipment and no longer has to worry about how to crush construction waste.