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Did you watch Saw ?


11:41 am
September 23, 2019



Posts: 27


Who ever watched Saw here ? I watched all the parts , come on guys let’s gather and discuss who like which part??


9:58 am
September 27, 2019



Posts: 42


Oh that’s my favorite movie actually. I rewatched them 3 times all the parts . I like the idea of it, not bloody parts or something but just an idea seems to me very smart. My favorite part is the second and after watching it you know there is a desire to feel It . I even started to join that quest rooms with difficult tasks to solve it and to feel how it’s like to be closed in the room all alone with the timer behind you..

8:20 am
September 28, 2019



Posts: 45


Yeah i remember the first part I watched was the second one and I liked it so much that decided to watch all of them. Since then I’m crazy about escape rooms and other difficult tasks just because I want to feel how it is to be locked in the room with the timer alone and rely only on yourself !

11:49 pm
December 13, 2019



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Hey, guys, if you like the saw movie so much, then I think you’re also fans of the human centipede movie. Have you ever seen this tin? I think you will also be interested to know where you can watch many of your favorite movies online for free in the best quality and for this go to the link on the site and stock up on a lot of popcorn.