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Do you believe in God?


10:35 pm
August 22, 2009


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Somewhere near a bunch of beavers….


all i know is….

Pudding is awesome…

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11:24 pm
August 22, 2009

Fims of Neurominded


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Shadow said:

all i know is….

Pudding is awesome…


Douche In Training

11:31 pm
August 22, 2009

Mr. Spadez


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Not every religion is right and Not every religion is wrong.Our jobs are to find the things right about it and follow them.

That is why I dont follow religion ,not an atheist or anything, but I just think Every religion is right about something and wrong about most things.

12:52 am
August 23, 2009


Master Shadowvillian

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Diogenes said:

Xehanort said:

As much as I agree with you on the basis of, “by being 16, the information you carry is unfortunately limited,” let's not blow this out of proportion. What are reasons for these Monks seeking serenity and clarity? Fear. As I said before, fear can be presented in many ways.

Cboi, you and any other person believe in God and Heaven because you desire the paradise that you have been told is awaiting you. Denying that is futile.

No. They seek truth and serenity and clarity for its own sake. They have no fear of death, or expectation of an afterlife. If you can't comprehend this, look inside yourself. How pretentious must you be to assume you have attained enlightenment in your short 16 years. You think yourself wise? What ignorance, and stubbornness–the most difficult form of stupidity to combat. Peace and love.

They seek this in order to live a peaceful/better/well-deserving life, because like everyone else(well…SOME of us) they are aware that once your brain shuts down, that is it.

That, is fear of death.

I am willing to flip this on anyone who wants to take a crack at proving me wrong, as I love debates, and like I said…You all just assumed by “everyone fears death” that I meant everyone will scream for help in the face of it… Wink

Also…I am all for stating that young people are foolish by nature, but history has shown that there are indeed times where age is just a number. If you haven't figured that out, with all the things you've studied Dio, then you are just as ignorant and stubborn as me Laugh

War and hate.

1:03 am
August 23, 2009

ScrewLoosE (The Big Dogg)


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Chicago, IL.


zyontheking said:

First off I would like to say that I believe in God and not RELIGION. I think religion is crooked and misconstrued to every degree. But, I would like to make an argument for why I believe with a series of questions.

Why would I continue on the path that I am on if I did feel a noticeable difference from my past life? How can LIFE come from NO LIFE? How is it that sexual organs developed when asexual reproduction is MUCH more effective as opposed to two genders?

Consider this very simple and plain to see fact; If evolution was true, and birds EVOLVED from land dwellers, how could wings form? The process of the WING developing would render the land dweller a useless LEG far before it rendered him a GOOD wing. And through the process of selective characteristics, the bad LEG would be weeded out before it became a GOOD wing. And interesting view I always thought.

I don't care if you believe or not, I won't poke fun or put you down for it, and I expect the same. And if you do have a LOGICAL and STRONG argument I will genuinely listen and appreciate your opinion.

So lets hear it!

I don't really believe in God, I do really try and believe that people I love who have moved on can still see me though. I have a hard time believing in any of it.

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