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Electricity-Only Freight Billing


12:45 pm
September 27, 2023



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Hello forum audience, I’d be interested in talking about an issue I’m concerned about. Can you explain the role of electric-only trucking billing assistance in the context of trucking services?


6:02 pm
September 27, 2023



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Electric-only trucking billing assistance is a crucial aspect of modern trucking services. It involves the management and processing of billing and financial transactions specifically tailored to electric trucks. Services like Logity Dispatch play a significant role in this by providing a streamlined billing process. They integrate with electric truck systems to monitor energy consumption, charging costs, and other expenses. This detailed data helps in accurate billing, making it easier for trucking companies to understand and manage their operational costs. Billing assistance also supports the transition to electric trucks by offering cost transparency and helping businesses make informed decisions for sustainable and cost-effective transportation.

9:07 am
September 28, 2023



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Certainly! In the context of trucking services, electric-only trucking billing assistance is a critical component. It ensures that trucking companies can accurately and efficiently account for the unique aspects of electric vehicle operations. This includes tracking electricity consumption, calculating charging costs, and managing any incentives or credits related to electric vehicle usage. Services like Logity Dispatch ( offer a comprehensive solution that not only handles these billing tasks but also integrates them seamlessly into the overall logistics and dispatching process. This level of billing assistance is essential for companies transitioning to electric trucks as it helps them manage costs, optimize energy usage, and embrace sustainable transportation practices.