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eminems new single gonna drop soon


2:53 pm
April 23, 2009


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can't wait

its called “3 am”

Its a supposed proof tribute

it should drop today or tomorrow

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4:39 pm
April 23, 2009


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Somewhere near a bunch of beavers….


suppose to be today apparently some update on the radio said it shoulda dropped around 1-3pm est….lol…i guess not

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5:57 pm
April 23, 2009


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yea don't even bother listening to it

that f**kin accent is back

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8:01 pm
April 23, 2009



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New York

multy rhiming rhythm..nice
The whole delivery and accent…what the f**k is he thinking…
over all…wack…i dont like this new Em

9:20 pm
April 23, 2009


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Post edited 8:27 pm - April 23, 2009 by Ahlex

lol he talks about waking up at 3 AM, looking for boobs on TV, turning to the Disney Channel and jacking off to my future wife Miley Cyrus…lol…then he talks about drinking blood…theres one word that describes this song:


Get used to that accent lol it's going to be prevalent on Relapse. You guys should listen to the lyrics Cool

Edit: Never cared about the accent, as long as his lyrical structure stays sharp, I'm bumping it. Because that should be the most valued thing in a artist, instead of his “metaphors” and “flow” but nooooo

10:00 pm
April 23, 2009


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Post edited 9:08 pm - April 23, 2009 by cyzicus

This song is dope…I'm loving it…I'm not on Em's nuts at all I just think it's a dope song….Em is coming from a different angle and is putting everyone outside of their comfort zone  but…it's funny how people react once an artist swtiches it up…Come on people..Em stopped doing drugs, fixed things with kim, I guess things with his mom died down, stopped beef with royce, ja and benzino let the man chill…damn…lol…dude was going through some major s**t and those were the fuel for the fire..he doesn't have too much to hurt over now (well at least I think..I'm not all in his life, Im just assuming)..Why must Em be sad and depressing all the time…Point: We ALL know Em is terrible at club/dance tracks and if he's not going through hard times he's not going to make it up…what do you expect…I understand the weird voice is getting old but I don't mind it on this track…let the man breathe…s**t…

Edit to fix type o's

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10:14 pm
April 23, 2009



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Post edited 9:22 pm - April 23, 2009 by Sorrow

 Just Go To to hear it, its Right On there Front Page.

Not Realy A Fan of His Accent But doesnt Hide the Fact That Em is Raw. i Like his More serious Stuff Muchhhhhhhhhhh More.

10:27 pm
April 23, 2009


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Its pretty hot !

For what it is at least, Eminems got a different mic presence now, he's trying new things .

Its a really raw murder track, verse 2 was kinda whack because he was doin his stupid celebrity thing again but everything else was for the most part sicc as fucc, if you like Eminem you'll love the new track !

Yes, its the same accent thing but his lyrics are something of Slim Shady, i'm really happy with it .

But I didn't notice him mention Proof once, it was just a horror type murder track .

10:39 pm
April 23, 2009


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similar to how we made you was for me

I had to give this track a few listens before i began to like it..

Shits crazy, hes back….well just get the normal voice back

then it will be epic as f**k

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2:14 am
April 24, 2009


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Tis a great