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eminems new single gonna drop soon


12:37 pm
April 24, 2009

a dot

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cyzicus said:

Post edited 10:08 pm - April 23, 2009 by cyzicus

This song is dope…I'm loving it…I'm not on Em's nuts at all I just think it's a dope song….Em is coming from a different angle and is putting everyone outside of their comfort zone  but…it's funny how people react once an artist swtiches it up…Come on people..Em stopped doing drugs, fixed things with kim, I guess things with his mom died down, stopped beef with royce, ja and benzino let the man chill…damn…lol…dude was going through some major s**t and those were the fuel for the fire..he doesn't have too much to hurt over now (well at least I think..I'm not all in his life, Im just assuming)..Why must Em be sad and depressing all the time…Point: We ALL know Em is terrible at club/dance tracks and if he's not going through hard times he's not going to make it up…what do you expect…I understand the weird voice is getting old but I don't mind it on this track…let the man breathe…s**t…

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agreed. the only issue is proof and we know a tribute track will be on the album with the Marshall Mathers voice

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