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7:13 pm
April 22, 2009


Master Shadowvillian

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Is a word most of you (Yes, Grit, especially you) need to re-define, and quickly.

*scratches head*

The point of being a “fan” of something, is to defend that which you have deemed your favorite, be it artist, band, actor, or movie. Can you walk into Oakland, say something bad about the Raiders, and not get some type of repricussion? Hey, I hate sports, but I can't be mad at someone for taking pride in their team and supporting them, but to you all they must be “d**k-riders…”

Now, this girl Julie I kick it with says she can't wait to meet EMINEM because she loves him as a person; she's written letters to him, got no reply, and continue sending them; Called some of the jobs he's worked at when he was younger to try and get some type of address, called alleged friends of his mom to try and get into contact with him, and even cried when he was inflicted with Influenza because she thought he was going to die…now that is a fanatic/d**k-rider.

Did I post a pic of dudes album cover? No. Would I have? No. Did I post a video of his single when it came out? No. Would I have? No. Have a started some threads concerning him? Yeah…but so have other people….ugh! They must be d**k-riders.

The whole point of the morale(lol) is that say something about A Day To Remember, Kingdom Hearts, The Dark Knight & Spider-Man 2, Death Note, Heath Ledger & Johnn Depp, or Angelina Jolie, and I'mma be right there to say something back, be it positive or negative, as that's my list for favorite band, video game, movies, anime, actors, and woman…basically, I play the role a normal fan should. So….duck my sock.


7:29 pm
April 22, 2009


Master Shadowvillian

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Queens NY


man, f**k the raiders! … take it easy ah-lex

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7:32 pm
April 22, 2009


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Somewhere near a bunch of beavers….


LOL …. i got no idea whats going on…but the term d**k-rider isnt used in the right sense (lol). being a fan and defending what you like doesnt mean your a d**k rider…cuz if it is, then it goes for the person whose arguing with you, that w.e they defend their riding that d**k. I never considering defending someone/something whether it a friend or being a fan of them/it, as d**k riding. Anyways…your friend is f**ked up lol

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8:30 pm
April 22, 2009


Master Shadowvillian

Posts: 3444


Shadow said:

LOL …. i got no idea whats going on…but the term d**k-rider isnt used in the right sense (lol

This was mostly aimed at Grit lol.

Because I guess to him I'm the black Stan O.O lol.

And yeah she is, she bought me his book though, so I'm grateful for that.