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Features of Ready-mixed Concrete Batching Plant


12:26 am
February 17, 2017



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1. Concrete batching plant equipment highly automated and continue to intelligent development. High degree of automation batching plant, strong production capacity ball mill manufacturers, high weighing accuracy, good batching quality, to achieve multi-position number, multi-mix , long uninterrupted continuous production.

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2. Concrete batching plant, ready-mixed concrete production, supply management specialization and standardization. Ready-mixed concrete production from raw materials, testing, production, scheduling, quality control, transportation and other sectors have been established for each sound management and quality control system, especially the implementation of the relevant provisions more stringent in terms of standardized management, measurement management, process control, quality inspection, etc. to ensure the quality of ready-mixed concrete.

3. Ready-mixed concrete high stability of product quality and reliability. Enterprises through certification, personnel qualification through strict control of raw materials, advanced equipment and production technology, complete quality management system, the ready-mix concrete product quality stability and reliability reached a very high level.

4. A modern concrete batching plant RMC transportation equipment, and efficient. Site batching ratio can improve the effectiveness of more than four times more bulky continuous pouring, high-rise building pouring has more obvious advantages.

5. Ready-mixed concrete production, intensive use and efficient. Production of highly specialized and centralized in order to possibly reduce the production cost. According to the relevant information on the application of ready-mixed concrete can save 10% -15 % of cement, sand saves about 12%, reduce project costs about 5%.

6. Concrete batching plant can promote harmonious living environments.

First SICOMA Planetary Concrete Mixer, without piling on the scene, transit material to avoid the city’s dirty, chaotic, and poor phenomenon, while avoiding making the site batching of concrete grout into the sewer, causing sewer blockages;

Second, fundamentally eliminate the noise, dust, River pollution, and promote improved urban civilization, people working to improve the living environment;

Third, the use of ready-mixed concrete can improve the quality of construction projects, to extend the life of the project, fundamentally eliminate " rubbish " project, in order to protect people’s lives property.