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Fire at the hotel and Hotel Pedro


6:37 am
September 29, 2021



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Not everything is lost, just the kitchen and the restaurant. The animal clinic is intact.
It was terrible, I hope no one was hurt.


5:50 am
September 30, 2021



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Oh my God!!!!

5:51 am
September 30, 2021


Fresh Meat

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Post edited 5:51 am - September 30, 2021 by joseprobe

Oh my God! This is terrible news, I hope that no one was injured and everyone is healthy and alive. For me, the number one fear in life is the fear of fire. I am very afraid of being on fire, because it is a hellish death. Unfortunately, many people neglect safety precautions and forget about fire safety rules that need to be studied. Not every house has its own fire extinguisher, and hotels and large companies often violate fire safety, because the bakers who do the checks receive money from the owners so that they turn a blind eye to many gross violations. And because of this, people suffer, because of the neglect of their own health.