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Football Tactics Module


9:17 pm
May 15, 2021


Fresh Meat

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Improve the communication between your players to avoid misunderstandings

Module 1: Principles of Communication
What will you learn?
In football, communication is of the highest order. The role of tactics in football is to optimize the verbal and non-verbal communication between players and to avoid miscommunication. In this Football Tactics course, Raymond Verheijen will educate coaches about the WHAT and HOW of football tactics.

What is the program?
Block 1. Universal Football Tactics References
Block 2. Principles of Communication
Block 3. Developing Position Specific Communication
Block 4. Developing Methodology within Tactical Games

Module 2: Planning and Periodisation of Football Tactics
What will you learn?
Coaches will practice developing a methodology for 1) Tactical Games, 2) Position Games, 3) Passing Exercises and 4) Football Fitness Games for attacking, defending and transitioning within the context of multiple tactical formations:

– ,
– .
– ,
– 1-4-4flat-2,
– 1-4-4diamond-2
– ,

What is the program?
Block 1. Methodology and Periodisation of Tactical Games
Block 2. Methodology and Periodisation of Position Games
Block 3. Methodology and Periodisation of Passing Exercises
Block 4. Methodology and Periodisation of Football Fitness Games

What will be your next step?
Coaches who have fulfilled this module of the domestic pathway are eligible to register for the Level 1 courses of the international pathway:

* Football Tactics Evolution,
* Football Braining Experience,
* Football Periodisation Mentorship.

The Football Tactics Evolution is a 5-day event (Level 1 course). During this international course with coaches from all around the world, delegates will learn how to use the content of the Football Tactics modules as building blocks to develop the Football Tactics Periodisation. Within a 48-week team periodisation, the delegates will be taught how to methodologically plan the development of attacking, defending and transitioning from day to day, from week to week and from month to month.