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front yard is ‘an attack on our religion’


3:35 am
July 12, 2019



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No, I haven’t really let it go. But with this anger, I did need times Online Cigarettes Store USA to really process it. It’s all gone now, because it’s just not as strong as it was before I made the album. I put it out. People are vibing with it. People understand what’s happening. I’m kind of over it. I’m kind of happy that it got out and I feel like I really expressed that side of myself so thoroughly that I don’t necessarily have to continue down this path.

Because let me tell you something. I didn’t film anything Newport Pleasure in the ERYS sessions. We didn’t allow people to film. Like we have a whole team, Westbrook Media and Westbrook Studios, the management company. We have a whole team of people that can film us and help us and create content for us to post and all that. I specifically didn’t have anyone in the studio because I didn’t want anyone to see what it was like making this album, because it was crazy. It was really, really insane and it’s like I couldn’t have any cameras or anything in the studio because it was just wild. I mean, I’m going to just tell you some information I feel like you should know. Like, the end of “K” where I whip out the clippers, have you heard that part? So, I would always cut my hair inside the booth and that’s why I had all those crazy hairstyles for awhile. I mean, I still do. It became a part of the ERYS character where I had the clippers Newport 100s Box and I shaved my head however, in whichever way I want it to be shaved. Because you get in the studio so much and you’re like, “Yo, I need a different outlet. I need to express myself, not musically, to these people to show them how blessed I am and how much I think different from the average person.” So I just started shaving. I got inspired by Basquiat. You see Basquiat and you’re like, “Oh my gosh,” with his shaved head. You’d be like, “Oh my gosh, this guy must be an artist.”

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