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front yard is ‘an attack on our religion’


3:39 am
July 12, 2019



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I wanted people to know I was an artist without having Newport 100s Box to have a conversation with me. So that’s why I just shaved my head. Lido, who has the Grammy, is just a genius producer. He decided to take that sound and record it. I was just doing it next to the mic because I wanted my homies to know that I was shaving my head. But Lido was like, “Do it again, shave your head again. James, record it.” And Lido created that amazing beat out of it and that whole concept, and then I just rapped over it. Shout out to Lido and I also want to say shout out to my homie Yuki from New Zealand who helped me produce a good portion of the album as well. Lido, Yuki, and all the MSFTS, and Omarr Rambert and James Rem were just really, really deep into the whole album at various studios all over the world. And we went crazy.
No, you don’t write another list of goal features. That Online Cigarettes Store USA was legendary. Those people pretty much musically raised me: Tyler, Rocky, Cudi. That is the dream. There was another group of people that I wanted to be on the album that I couldn’t get, which I was very, very, very, very sad about. But it’s OK, because we can save it for something else. And that group of people was Migos. Shout out to the Migos. I love you. I’m sorry about Met Gala that one time.
I thought it was genius. I knew instantly that it would be the most talked about point on the album. And I love how it goes from the clippers section right into “Noize,” because I feel like those are the two most talked about things Newport box 100s cigarettes on the album besides, obviously, Rocky and Cudi and “Summertime Paris.”

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