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Geotextile is widely used in permanent engineering


5:42 am
June 2, 2020



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Geotextile has the functions of isolation, filtration, drainage, reinforcement, protection, and closure. Therefore, it can be generally used in railways, highways, event venues, dams, hydraulic construction, tunnels, coastal beaches, reclamation, and environmental protection. Therefore, it is also called engineering shelter blanket.

Geotextiles are widely used in permanent engineering. Under permanent load, large deformations will occur, which will cause the civil structure to lose its serenity and form a lot of catastrophic mutagenesis. The function is greatly reduced. This article combines the appearance and implementation, and lists the engineering examples of using composite high quality LDPE geomembrane manufacturers’ membranes to prevent seepage.

It summarizes the methods and reasons for the commonly used geomembrane selection. Combined with the full house project, the physical and mechanical properties of the composite geomembrane of which type are implemented, and the process of adopting the finite element method to adopt the composite geomembrane model is introduced in detail. Introduced the relevant implementation of the interaction between geomembrane and cushion materials. In view of the contradictory characteristics between the composite geomembrane and cushion materials, the self-designed implementation device carried out the contradiction between the composite geomembrane and the two types of cushion materials. Feature implementation.

Geotextiles are also used on highways for reinforcement effects, and can also be used on the surface of drainage pipes to serve as filter shelters. Moreover, in connection with other engineering materials, wholesale textured geomembrane still have a low capital, and the construction is also very expensive. Maybe it’s tiling. The black geotextile has heat-absorbing effect. We have a client who is also used for cultivation in poor sheds. How do we look at the quality of the geotextile? Although initially it depends on its material. Its toughness and toughness have a longer service life.

Geotextiles have gained general application in view of their functions. Now there are many geotextile manufacturers all over China, and the product quality and price are also different. There are many reasons for the price difference of high quality polyester nonwoven geotextile. The products of the poor manufacturers usually have better quality, the price will be more expensive, and the products of small manufacturers will usually be cheaper. Another is that the cost-consuming materials used are different. Geotextile materials that are woven from polypropylene and polypropylene flat yarn as materials are usually not pure for small manufacturers. low.

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