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Guard dog


10:57 pm
January 2, 2023



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I need a guard dog. It must be a large breed and even aggressive in some way. Please advise who could approach me to protect the territory.


11:05 pm
January 2, 2023



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How about a Mid Asian Shepherd? This is a big and powerful handsome man. My friend has 4 of these on his property. This is the maximum level of protection, I tell you.

11:10 pm
January 2, 2023



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This breed of dog is also called Alabai. This is the perfect guard dog. But he requires careful education and demonstration of superiority over him in order to control.

11:17 pm
January 2, 2023



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Post edited 5:19 pm - January 2, 2023 by olesh

These dogs are very popular in Turkey for herding sheep. To keep such a giant in shape, you need to organize his food and I advise nature protection white dog food . This diet will help Alabai to be active, healthy and have perfect hair without defects and without diseases.

1:40 am
January 24, 2023



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A good-quality puppy food has advantages over adult dog food because it has been specially formulated for a puppy’s demanding nutritional requirements and contains the appropriate amount of calcium. Because of their rapid growth, any nutritional mistakes made during puppyhood will have more severe, even irreversible and lifelong, consequences. Because growth is almost complete by 8 to 10 months of age, the average puppy can be switched to adult dog food at about 12 months of age.

If you have a large- or giant-breed puppy, one that is going to weigh more than 50 pounds (23 kg) as an adult, or is at-risk for hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, or other growth abnormalities (for example, Labrador and Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds), you should feed a puppy food specially formulated for large-breed puppies. These diets are formulated to contain the optimal ratio of proteins and calcium to moderate rapid bone growth that can lead to joint disorders. Your veterinarian may also recommend a transitional adolescent diet for your pet, teenage and years.

12:28 pm
January 25, 2023



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I also have a pet and can share my experience. You may not be guaranteed to have a certain type of canned dog food, but you may want to familiarize yourself with these choices, check out Another option is to purchase over-the-counter dog food that meets your pet’s dietary needs.

9:37 am
February 29, 2024


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Purchasing a Pomeranian puppy through your website was an unforgettable experience for us. Your professionalism, care for animals and attention to clients deserve the highest praise. The puppy we chose fully corresponded to the description and photographs. He arrived to us in excellent health, with clear instructions for care and education. We especially appreciate that you stayed in touch, helping with advice during the first stages of adapting the puppy to our home. This high level of service makes your site the perfect place for anyone looking for a new furry friend. Thank you for your work and love for animals!