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High Temperature Of Vertical Roller Mill Often Occurs


8:04 pm
June 6, 2021



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Vertical mill is an important mechanical equipment commonly used in highway engineering construction. Under the working condition of vertical mill, the phenomenon of ultra-high hydraulic oil temperature of vertical roller mill.

Although the machine is designed to work when the oil temperature can reach 120 ℃, in fact, when the oil temperature reaches 100 ℃, the machine will fail to work and the seal will be damaged. This paper mainly introduces the causes and solutions of high oil temperature in vertical roller mill.

Thermal principle of vertical roller mill

The heat dissipation of vertical roller mill is completed by the following two paths according to the flow of variable speed oil circuit:

The first is: suction screen - variable speed pump - fine filter - variable speed valve - all gears;

The second is: Lubrication in the box radiator vertical mill.

Under the normal working condition, the heat dissipation of the transmission oil is mainly through the air cooling of the radiator and the natural heat dissipation when flowing in the shell.