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How can a roller crusher company better grasp customer preferences?


9:10 pm
July 12, 2019



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Customer system economics is a big issue, and many of them have more than enough power for roller crushers. Kenting Jieniu talks about the dialectic of the system focusing on the details and starting the details. It is necessary for the Cone Crusher enterprises to learn the systematic thinking and deconstructive execution. In the years of industrial product marketing consulting practice, SBM recommended three common thinking and execution methods to promote customer preferences from cognitive to strategic decision-making and marketing execution.
First, expand and discover the eyes of customers. I don’t know the true face of the mountain, but I am only in this mountain. Long-term business history, experienced and knowledgeable, this is an advantage. However, if you are too familiar, it will be easy to breed and turn a blind eye. There is little interest in new things. The attention to the development of the industry is not enough. After a long time, it will be hit by the waves on the beach. Broaden your horizons and engage in research on customers’ customers, which will help treat marketing myopia that is common to roller crushers.
Second, the CEO took the lead and made a big article on market communication. SBM has helped many roller crusher companies to establish a green channel for core customers, encouraging and urging senior managers to understand the needs and development trends of customers and customers’ industries, and to form a working mechanism for continuous communication with customers. Through this kind of close to the market, the general manager marketing model of the crusher machine enterprise is created to help the general manager to get out of the internal management and directly listen to the customer’s needs, and the enterprise’s decision-making can be targeted.
Third, predict changes in customer demand preferences and strive to build their own future customers. Looking at today from tomorrow, we will reshape today’s strategic direction with the future. Future customers are not necessarily the most advanced type of pioneer, but those who are today’s concepts, practices and solutions that represent the mainstream of tomorrow’s industry behavior. It is not enough to have real customers in hand, and develop them into strategic partners who can make progress together and grow together. A small and strong roller crusher enterprise is no longer wishful thinking on the road of big marketing and development. The feeling of self.