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How Can Coaches Prevent Sports Injuries


1:31 pm
March 12, 2022



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How Can Coaches Prevent Sports Injuries?
When it comes to youth sports, whether it is baseball, soccer, hockey, etc., the risk for an accident is ever present. For this reason, it’s vital that the sports organization be protected from financial liability should an injury occur, with the right Blanket Accident Insurance Policy. This policy covers athletic teams and their participants, offering extra coverage protection in addition to their other insurance policies.

In addition to being financially protected, coaches and other officials in charge of youth sports teams should do everything in their power to prevent sports injuries. Of course, some accidents are unforeseen and occur anyway, however by taking the following steps coaches can work to potentially reduce their risks of facing this type of claim.

Provide and Insist on Use of Appropriate Gear

Sports such as football, hockey, and baseball all require a helmet, and for good reason. Coaches should ensure all players wear their helmet as well as any other protective gear required for their particular sport. It’s also vital that their gear fits correctly and is being used for the right sport; a batting helmet won’t do a lot of good in a football game!

Run Warm Up and Cool Down Drills

No matter the sport, athletes should always warm up before a game or even practice. According to Safe Kids Worldwide, most organized sports-related injuries occur during practice rather than in the game itself.

Ensure Rules are Clear

Even in youth sports, when players understand the rules of the game, injuries are less likely to occur. This is because players know what to expect from each other. Sports participants should always be aware of other players and their positions on the field.

Don’t Allow Players to Participate When Injured

If an athlete already has an injury, even if a mild one, it’s always best to avoid putting them in the game. Playing when they’re hurt is a bad idea as it can lead to an even worse injury, or cause the player to injure another part of their body while trying to compensate for the injured part.

At Aegis Security Insurance Company, we provide accidental injury coverage for sports teams and special events. Our Sports Accident Insurance coverage is designed to cover injuries to insured coaches, managers, mascots, cheerleaders, scorekeepers, players while they’re participating in a regularly scheduled game or regularly scheduled practice of the policyholder or traveling directly to or from such a game with other members of the team as a group. We invite you to learn more about our Blanket Accident Insurance program and partnering with Aegis SecurityContact us today at (855) .

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