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How do I make an image less pixelated? It’s important


11:31 am
October 24, 2020



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Hi. I’m trying to put this image on my site, which takes up half the screen, but it’s really pixelated. I increased the size to 1500×1000 and used the spot heal brush tool a bit, but it still looks very pixelated. Any ideas? The image will be about 20 times larger than on the website (half of your screen).


5:32 pm
October 24, 2020


Fresh Meat

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Find another picture.

5:33 pm
October 24, 2020


Fresh Meat

Posts: 6


I am not sure about these kind of program but usually Zoner can allow you to make the photo more qualitative, but I am not sure that it will be better in your case because the difference is big enough. Otherwise, you can make everything manually. Besides that, you can find someone who will do everything for you for a good price. When I have something hard to do I always call so they do everything for me. Moreover they are better than me, so the quality is times higher.