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How Do We Install The Calcium Carbonate Mill


8:18 pm
August 16, 2022



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For the concentrator, ensuring the stable performance of the calcium carbonate mill plays an important role in the production efficiency of the entire concentrator.

In real production, there are many factors that affect the operation efficiency, service life and quality of use of the calcium carbonate mill, but the key lies in whether the calcium carbonate mill is properly installed and debugged.

The structure and working principle of the calcium carbonate mill Generally, the structural components of the calcium carbonate mill mainly include the feeding part, the discharging part, the main bearing part, the cylinder part, the transmission part, the base part, the main motor, the jacking device and the electric control box etc, these components make up a complete calcium carbonate mill.

At present, grid type calcium carbonate mill and overflow type calcium carbonate mill are more common types. These two calcium carbonate mills are mainly composed of working structure and transmission structure.