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How to get acquainted after 50 years


5:14 am
May 21, 2019



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How to get acquainted after 50 years
I have neighbors which already long for fifty, but they are considered newlyweds, camping on K. live together just the third year. They met near the store. At that time her legs were very sore and she walked with a stick. Coming out of the store with him and collided. Coming out, sat down on the bench to rest. After a while he came out. “My legs hurt?”- ask her. They began a conversation from the beginning about health, and then as usual about common acquaintances. So we talked. It was before the New year. He said that he celebrates the holiday alone and invited me to visit. As she told:”And what to me to twitch? I’m not eighteen that would wait to be courted.” And came down and still live after the New year. I see how completely unfamiliar elderly people start a conversation with each other on buses, in parks and just in the yard on benches.Candy-bouquet period as a rule they do not need and all they have is simple in this regard. It is easier for them to get acquainted and start a conversation with each other. After all, they have something so all know and have already formed personality. And as my neighbor says, ” Why are you cowering in front of each other? What there is, such there is.”


11:37 am
May 22, 2019


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It’s hard to get acquainted when you are already over 50 But still there is a way out. There are a lot of different dating sites. There you can find a husband and live happily ever after. I did just that I met my wife on the Internet. Now we live happily

1:58 am
May 23, 2019


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And the girl and the woman they are beautiful at any age. Although at 20 or 50 Age for the female is not a big deal. You look at any dating site. Many people are getting acquainted via the Internet and are doing it very successfully. I also want to register an account

2:25 pm
May 23, 2019


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Nobody forbids us to love and be happy at any age. Dating site to someone over 50 years of senior chat rooms helps to find a companion for life who, by their appearance in your life, will give you comfort, warmth, peace, care, care, tenderness and love. Free dating for someone over 50 offers you to say goodbye to loneliness and to find a man or a woman with whom you would like to meet old age and spend free time for the soul without a care and pleasure. Dating after 50 years is a time that you deserve time to live for yourself. All this time you have lived for all the time has come for your own happiness. Children are already your adults and can do without your help for several more years and you are retired. But the evening is full of loneliness is not as pleasant as the evening by the fireplace under one lash with a loved one.

4:20 am
July 15, 2019


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Now we are having a hard time getting to know each other in 20 years. See how many single people there are. People are afraid to walk and just talk. Many spend a lot of time at work and in business communication. Communicating everyday with friends and acquaintances is different. People do not know what to talk about. And some are even afraid to talk to a stranger, although they would very much like to talk

2:46 am
July 16, 2019


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Loneliness is really scary. Without communication is hard. In this regard, the intranet saves many. There are many forums, chats. I like the video chat . In this video chat, communication is very realistic. You can chat with girls from any country in the world.