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How to write Summary of the Results?


4:41 am
July 23, 2021


Fresh Meat

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Summary of the results obtained

The “analysis” part is intended to compare the theory with what is actually observed in the field, that is to say in professional practice. In this part, researchers from made a list you must follow:

make a description and a comparison of the results , that is to say identify the common points and the differences

measure the data , i.e. compare the results relating to the same subject between the interviews and the conceptual framework

formulate hypotheses relating to the observed results

- make a proposal for solutions

- take a position and thus give his personal opinion in order to carry out a critical analysis

Personal reflection

Personal reflection is not always obligatory in the drafting of a nursing TFE. However, this is an interesting part because it gives originality to the work and allows to make a perspective in relation to the chosen theme. This part generally allows the paper writer to give his personal opinion on the subject studied and to give it a new orientation. It can also include a part intended to summarize all of what has been said in the memory. The synthesis succinctly sums up the exploratory part and the analysis. It includes the main ideas as well as the hypotheses put forward in relation to the different ideas. In addition, it also makes it possible to pose a general research hypothesis or to give a problematic relating to the whole study, in particular if the plan followed is type 3 (Cf. § 2-3-3). It is written between half a page and 2 pages.

The conclusion

The conclusion announces the end of the work: it is the culmination of the writing of the dissertation. It is as important as the introduction. Therefore, the utmost care should be taken in its drafting. It will be written respecting the following points:

summary of all the work

reminder of the approach developed throughout the editorial staff

statement of new knowledge learned through research (both from bibliographic research and from what we have learned from exploratory interviews)

presentation of what the work has brought from a personal and above all professional point of view

- presentation of ideas that have brought new visions on a personal and professional level

- the announcement of a problem that allows an opening on a new subject and therefore to make a subsequent research.

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