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April 2, 2020


Fresh Meat

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HORROR FILMS TO SCARE AND ACTION FILMS WITH SHOOTINGS Do you love excitement and thrills, or can’t you get enough of zombies and evil spirits? Then creepy horror films like The Nun or Visitors are perfect for an evening on the couch. Less brutal scenes are shown in the mystery thriller After - yet the film captivates its viewers for 90 minutes. Those who think more of Action can accompany British secret agent James Bond 007 on his adventures and battles against evil in the film series of the same name. Casino Royale and A Quantum of Solaceare among the newer Bond films in the popular film series, in which six actors have embodied agent 007 since 1962. Gunfights are popular actions in action films, which is why the action-drama Lord of War with Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage is one of the most popular movies in the film genre Action.