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6:38 am
June 26, 2019


Fresh Meat

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Ultra Test XR Raquel Lupion holds a degree in Nutrition and Physical Education, specializing in Clinical Nutrition and a Masters in Human Movement Sciences. His motivation is to promote a healthy lifestyle, avoiding radicalism and trying to find the middle way between what is necessary and what is pleasurable. In professional life, he divides his time between attending in the office, giving yoga classes, lecturing and teaching courses. Nowadays the microwave oven is almost mandatory equipment in the kitchens. There are people who hardly use yours, but you simply think you need to have one. Often they even change the conventional oven for him. If you come with me here, you may have noticed that I do not like radicalism and I believe that “terrorism” when it comes to food is not legal. However, it is necessary to have the knowledge to know how to measure the quality .