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I applaud Spadez


4:57 am
August 21, 2009

Mr. AL

Master Shadowvillian

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British Columbia, Canada


KoreanNuke said:

Wicked_01 said:

Let me explain something to you Huckleberry Fin. First of all I am not Mexican, im from Guatemala. Second of all I dont sell tacos, but if u want a cockmeat sandwich i will give it to you. Thirdly I would whoop ur ass in anything you will ever do relating to music, text battling, and or life.

dont mind Spadez his f**kin around wicked and danm i know huh? i remember when i i used get murdered wow im still here after a 2murders from AL one slaughter from Loose Cannon and a Violent murder from Mobetta =] i loved text battlin i told AL id beat him one day and i did =] i told LC that too.. now gotta fulfill that goal 0-0

and I'm not ashamed to admit you did it twice.

Slap my dick on her cheek and tell her to wake up, smearing cemen on her face like it was her makeup